About Mending Hearts

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Mending Heart’s mission is to take in and find the best possible home for the lost, unwanted and not cared for and sometimes the regrettably relinquished dogs and cats of Central Pennsylvania. Every foster/adoption candidate that enters into Mending Heart’s program is behaviorally tested and the animal is evaluated at the rescue, then placed in an appropriate foster or permanent home depending on the animals’ needs, physical abilities, energy level, and level of training.
Company Overview

Mending Hearts Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to rescue and foster animals that are abandoned or unable to be cared for by their owners and to place them into loving forever homes.
Although we are very pleased to have a physical location, LuAnne prefers to schedule private “Meet ‘n Greets” with potential adopters who are interested in adopting an animal from Mending Hearts. This way, she can be available to assist you in picking the right animal for your lifestyle, energy level, and dog or cat experience. She is happy to answer any questions about any animal in our care at that time as well. Thank you for your patience.

General Information

Mending Hearts Animal Rescue accepts dogs and cats into our rescue. Even though we are not equipped to take in other species, especially large animals, we work very closely with many other rescue organizations and have many contacts in order to assist those other animals in need. We are always willing to network and help connect individuals to the proper resources.

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