About CareAdvantage

CareAdvantage is a fixed benefit insurance plan. This means that the plan pays a fixed amount for covered services over a specific period or number of occurrences. CareAdvantage does not have deductibles or co-pays and premiums are significantly lower than an ACA qualified health insurance plan. However, CareAdvantage is a limited benefit plan and is not comprehensive major medical insurance.

Key Features

CareAdvantage has some important coverage and benefit that other limited benefit plans may not have. Additionally, when you use a Multiplan Limited Benefit Plan Network provider you can receive significant savings from network Physicians, Hospitals and Facilities.

Up to $5,500 per day
Hospital Confinement
$100 per Day
Increase in
Hospital Benefit
each year for 5 years
365 Days
Hospital Confinement
Up to 30 Days
Continuous Care
NCA Benefits
Telemedicine, Rx Drugs, Medical Travel, Labs & Imaging, Vision, Hearing

Coverage Choices

Covered ServicesFrequencyCA 3500CA 4500CA 5500
Hospital ConfinementPer Day, Up to 365$3,500$4,500$5,500
SurgeryPer Day$1,000$1,000$1,500
AnesthesiaPer Day$200$200$300
Outpatient Diagnostic, X-Ray & Laboratory1 Test Day Per Year$250$500$500
Emergency RoomPer Year$500$500$500
Ambulatory Surgical CenterPer Day$250$500$500
Continuous CarePer Day, Up to 30$1,000$1,000$1,000
Critical Illness*First Occurrence$15,000$20,000$25,000
* Optional benefit in GA. Not available in VA.

Other Medical Benefits

The Health Protection Benefits plan complements the coverage you receive with CareAdvantage. This optional benefit and discount package is available when you join the National Consumers Advantage Association.